Christmas Card Challenge

I love Christmas cards. I have been sending them out since Ian and I got married. Notice the "I". I am quite certain that Ian could care less about sending out Christmas cards, but I enjoy it. So there you have it.

The month of December is an exciting one for me because I LOVE GETTING CHRISTMAS CARDS. It literally makes my day. That makes me sound pathetic. But it does make me oh-so-happy. I thought it would be fun to start a tradition of showing off my top five cards received according to categories. And if this breaks some friendship privacy laws by sharing someone else's Christmas card, I am guessing I will know next year when I don't receive one from you! But, you won, so get over it! 

First card to arrive - Most people (myself included) seem to get their Christmas cards out right before Christmas. Not my friend Brittany. She is on top of things and won the coveted spot of being the first card to grace my Christmas card holder.

Best handwritten note - I love photo cards. I pretty much think they are the best. But I also love handwritten notes with the cards...which is ironic given I didn't even see my cards before they went out this year (I had the company I ordered them from send them out). I have to say, this was my favorite note from a former co-worker/friend.

Best photo(s) - Do you see this family?! They look like they belong in a magazine!

Best update - Not many cards come with updates or letters anymore now that most people send out photo cards. I do like it when people put the ages of their kids on the photo cards though so I can once again be reminded how old I am because my friends have kids that are already how old?! Anyway, my friend Anna knocked it out of the park with her year by the numbers update. I mean, she included cups of coffee consumed, what's not to love about that?!

Best overall - I am not quite sure what it is about this card, but I was drawn to it as soon as I opened it. I don't know if it is the picture, the cool font used or the simplicity, but I really like it. And it so happens that I am related to these folk by marriage, sort of.

And since I am showing off Christmas cards, I should show off mine so you can rate it too. Go easy though because I really like the design of it and am already thinking how hard it will be to top next year...I told you I was in to Christmas cards!

Sorry for the bad pictures. Taking pictures of cards is way harder than I expected. 

Now you know the categories, so feel free to spend the next 11 months designing the perfect Christmas card so you can win one of the coveted spots on Jessica's Top Cards next year.

So did you send out a card this year? Do you normally? 

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  1. Haha. So if I send you another one [tomorrow] does that count as being first for 2014? Just Kidding… kinda.

    I feel so privileged to be mentioned, even if it because I am crazy and love Christmas Cards so much too, that I just couldn't wait!

  2. I'm glad that you love my silly letters!
    Christmas cards are one of my all-time favorite things about Christmas each year too. I actually save them on keyrings - it's so fun to look backwards and see families change and grow.


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