From the Mouth of Connor {five}

This kid sure keeps me on my toes with the things he says. Some of them, though funny, are even too inappropriate for the blog. By inappropriate, I mean would embarrass me, so you know. Kids speak truth, right?! Here are some of the things Connor has said lately:

Look at me. I am batman. I believe I can fly. 

I like car accidents on the freeway. (Uhh, what?!)

While Connor was going in for a kiss on my lips (we kiss cheeks around here):
Me: Where did you learn that from?
Connor: From daddy, but he only likes it with you. 

I need to watch tv. It will make me feel better. 

Jumping on the bed, Connor said "I'm trying to exercise."

This is my minion. He's a fake minion. You can make a voice for him cause he doesn't have a voice. 

While driving down the road:
Me: Connor want me to go fast?
Connor: Not very fast cause I don't want you to get a ticket. 

Mamas and daddies don't have schools, they only have churches. 

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  1. I totally started singing, "I believe I can fly" by R. Kelly... haha.

    Nixon loves to 'exercise' too. Especially since we have been doing our challenge.

    Connor is a funny boy, I love that you document these sayings! so great!

  2. So cute and totally random! Love this post!!


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