Deja Vu

Connor climbed into Ian's lap last night while watching tv and I was like WHOA! I remember looking at this exact same scenario not that long ago, but when Connor was much smaller. I actually grabbed my phone and pulled up the picture for Connor (and Ian) to see.

That was Connor just a couple days before his first birthday. It seems like just a couple days ago and a lifetime ago at the same time. Connor now recognizes himself as a baby in pictures and immediately did so. He asked where they were and when I said "in our house in Scotland" he responded with "So we have two houses?" I wish kid, I wish.

After sitting back down, I realized that I needed to capture the current moment as well.

Both these pictures are so precious to me. I love having the privilege of not just being a mom, but watching Ian be a dad. Connor loves him so much and he is totally a daddy's boy. But, it's ok. Even if he wants to cuddle with his dad over his ole mom, I get the privilege of building legos with him all day long.

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