10 Reasons Why I Don't Make My Bed

I am just going to give you warning, this is a pretty snarky post. But you know what, it truly is the way I feel. And, well, I am a sarcastic person. So there you have it. You have been warned.  

A couple weeks ago, I kept seeing the same article everywhere I looked - Why I Make My Bed {10 Reasons I Keep My House Clean}. Though I get where she is coming from, it rubbed me the wrong way a little. Specifically the fact that it's her "job". That always gets me about being a stay at home mom. Anyway, it inspired me. It inspired me to give you 10 {snarky} reasons why I don't make my bed. And hopefully, just hopefully, I can put a smile on the face of another mom of young children struggling just to keep her kids alive and get dinner on the table. 

10. I am my own boss these days and I say it's ok not to. From a young kid, I have always thought made beds were a little overrated. Sure I do it if we have company (even then, only if you are lucky), but otherwise, it generally doesn't happen.  

9. Because how does a made bed really benefit me? Honestly, I spend almost no time in my room. It really is a place that we sleep and where we keep our clothes. I don't even get dressed in there...I take my clothes to the bathroom. So it isn't like I am staring at an unmade bed all day that is driving me crazy. 

8. My kids would just mess it up anyway. My kids love playing in our room. And they seem to really love taking the comforter off the bed. Even when I make it, they just trash it. And I am not about to make it numerous times a day. Ain't nobody got time for that! 

7. Isn't that what a bedroom door is for?! You know, to hide the unmade bed from guests! Come on, closet non-bed makers, you know it's true! Besides, it is so hard to keep an entire house clean with little kids running around trashing everything right behind you. And honestly, our room is always the last room I get to. 

6. I secretly hope I will be able to nap. And what would deter me from napping? A made bed. Aww, I remember the good days when I used to nap every day. I can't even remember the last time I napped when no one else was taking care of the kids. Heck, I can't remember the last time both kids napped at the same time. 

5. It's not my job! Is it yours hubby? If I get up before Ian, he doesn't make the bed. And I don't expect him to. Given that he has never once, in 10.5 years of marriage, complained about our unmade bed, I am thinking he really doesn't care either. But, if someone were to pay me to do it, I just may start making it! 

4. I ditched my top sheet years ago. Throwing the comforter over me at night isn't a big deal. I really ditched it because I am a crazy sleeper and always got tangled up in it. But, it is so freaking easy to straighten one comforter before jumping into bed at night. 

3. It's all about priorities. And my bed is definitely not at the top of my list. Just talking about household duties, homemade meals, doing dishes and laundry and cleaning the main areas of my house rank above my bed. Heck, pretty much every house related thing ranks above it. I hate cleaning the toilet, but it is super necessary, so it even ranks above it.  

2. I am a stay at home mom, not a stay at home maid. I really believe this. I feel as if so many people view staying at home with children to mean you do every single thing in the house and your hubby does nothing. Well, let me tell you, my kids far outrank house work. I really take my "job" as a mom serious. That means, I tend to spend a lot more time playing with my kids than cleaning. Just today I spent an hour and a half playing with the kids in the backyard. Take that, unmade bed! 

1. No time. Let me walk you through a typical morning. My alarm goes off and I try to scrunch pillows around Connor (he comes in our bed almost every night) so he won't realize I've gotten up and will sleep a little more. I jump in the shower, then get ready. I run out of the bathroom and get the coffee going. Then I get Connor's breakfast ready. I wake him (if he isn't already up) and bring him to the table to eat. While he is eating, I grab his clothes to dress him, then throw my coffee in a tumbler. Then I dress Connor and let him play. I go wake Isla and dress her. Then, with some sort of breakfast for Isla in my hand, I strap the kids in the car to head to preschool. I drop Connor off and run any errands I have with only one kid (so much easier than two!). I pick Connor up from school and head home. I make lunch. After lunch is nap time for Isla and quiet time for Connor. I do the dishes and start some laundry. Then I jump on this blog of mine. Just about then, I hear Connor's timer going off...quiet time is over. I spend an hour building legos with him. I hear Isla is up. I grab her and look at the clock...about time to start dinner. With dinner going, I change the laundry and tidy up the main part of the house in anticipation of Ian coming home. Ian comes home and we have dinner. Then it's bath time. After that, we play with the kids before putting them to bed. By 9pm, both kids are asleep and I have some time to relax (or clean more). So I ask, when should I (or could I) make my bed?!

Though I wanted to say it in a fun way, all I want to say is give yourself a break. If you are staying at home with young children (i.e. non-school age) or even homeschooling, your kids are your priority, not the perfectly made bed. And if you are a daily bed maker, no judgement to you. In fact, you rock! If you have a problem with my not-so-perfect house, feel free to clean it for me while I play with my kids ;)

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  1. Yes, yes, YES!!! Especially the top sheet thing. And we don't even share the same blankets anymore, so I suppose if he wanted to, he could make his own side of the bed and I still don't have to, so there.

  2. I didn't read the original article and I don't want to - because I'm absolutely sure I'll like your so much better than I like hers! I'm defensive already thinking about cleaning toilets and making beds as being my "job" since I'm a stay at home mom. I love your first reason! So funny! The best part of being at home is being my own boss all day :)

  3. Ha. This is fun and I like you.

    I'm glad we are friends!


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