The Exploratorium {San Francisco}

One day this past week, we headed to the Exploratorium in San Francisco for a fun little excursion with the kids.  This was my first time there, so I was pretty excited. When we got there, it was crazy busy. Like hard to move around, where are my kids, kind of crazy. So, I was feeling kind of stressed about that and overwhelmed not knowing what we should look at. After a little while I got my bearings and was much more comfortable exploring the place with the kids. Plus the crowds thinned out as the day went on, making it much more enjoyable. I would say the Exploratorium is definitely geared towards kids older than mine, but they still had a fabulous time...and so did I because there are so many amazing things to explore. This is definitely a hands on museum with so many things to see and do. We spent hours there and got to maybe half of the stuff. The kids enjoyed how hands on everything was. Connor said his favorite part was "All the games, or maybe the mice." And Isla said, "Me making the lights." We ended up getting a membership, so I am excited to go back and explore again over the next year.

We also learned a lesson on this trip. We stayed until the museum closed at 5pm. We were planning on going to a bbq restaurant that Ian has been to before and really liked. We thought it would help us kill some time while traffic cleared. Well, almost and hour later, we had only made it four blocks from the museum because traffic was so bad, so we stopped and ate at Chipotle, which was only a block away from where we were. After we ate, we got back on the road. At one point we sat in the exact same spot for eight light cycles...not even moving an inch. It was kind of crazy. But, with full bellies and a day of play, everyone in the car was happy, so all was good. And we learned to never drive in San Francisco during rush hour traffic again!

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