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Somewhere in the past year, Isla went from being a baby, really a toddler, to being a full on independent little girl. It's fun to watch her grow and change and to get a kick out of the things she says or does. Because kids change just so darn quickly, I wanted to share some of the things I want to remember about Isla right now.

Isla has totally become girly, which is funny because it was what I feared about having a girl. Not being girly myself, I thought I wouldn't be able to handle it. Turns out, I totally love it. And I love that since girly Isla has an older brother that beats her up all the time, she can also totally hold her own and is not a sissy in the least bit…well, she does have meltdowns about sharing. But sharing is hard!

Isla has started picking up on some of the ornery things Connor has done to her and she has started doing them to him. It is actually pretty dang funny. She will swipe a coveted toy of his, then say in a totally ornery voice, "Connor, I've got your toy." Or, if he immediately gives chase, she will drop into a ball on the floor, protecting the coveted item she just stole.

Isla has become extremely girly and embraced all things glitter and princess. She changes princess dresses multiple times a day. And watching her sing "Let it go" in her Elsa getup is just about the best thing ever. For Christmas, my aunt gave Isla a gift card to Claire's. We went there last week for her to spend it. She walked in the store and immediately started picking up anything she saw that was sparkly and pink. Then she got to the frozen display and went a little crazy. But I was surprised how good she was about me explaining that she couldn't get everything. She bought what she could afford. She waited in line like a total grown up and put all her scores on the counter. It was really cute.

Isla is my healthy eater, though the girl does love her some carbs. Where Connor shys away from veggies, she does not. In fact, her current favorite thing to eat are these clean nut balls that Ian and I eat. She loves them and would eat them all day long if I would let her. She also loves hummus…usually just uses the carrots as a dipping device, but does take bites every now and again. Some of her other favorites are tomatoes, bananas, oranges and yogurt.

One of my favorite things over the past season has been watching Isla make friends. For about the first two years of her life, we never really hung out with girls her age. But she has made up for lost time and made good friends. She says her best friends are "Felicity and Payslie". They are sisters and she always says their names together. She also pretty instantly took to a girl in her class at school, Gracie. And her and Gracie are pretty dang cute together. They are totally opposite personalities, but will hold hands and run after each other and everything. Speaking of school, Isla always gives her teachers hugs when she gets to school and when she leaves. It's cute. She totally seeks each one out and hugs them and tells them bye when I pick her up. So incredibly different than Connor!!!

This whole mother of a girl gig is so different than I ever imagined and I am totally loving every second of it. Ok, maybe not the public meltdowns. But I really do love having the privilege of raising Isla, of reading to her book after book, of helping her put on the ridiculous outfits she chooses to wear, of holding her when she wants to snuggle. She is a special one.

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  1. Great update on Isla. I love the idea of the Claire's gift card and having her understand what she can buy and then actually bring it to the counter.

    I just may have to do that for Taylor. Maybe the Easter Bunny can bring a gift card? Is that weird?


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