Middle Sister

I feel like another good title would have been "What does the wine you drink say about you?"

I am the middle sister in my family. Sure, I am sandwiched in by brothers, but I am still the middle sister. A couple years ago, Ian's sister Carli (who is also a middle sister surrounded by brothers) asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I replied "wine" and a tradition was born. Ever since, I always get a bottle of middle sister wine with a fun name. This year, my brother's girlfriend Brook (also a middle sister), got be a bottle as well. I couldn't help but laugh at the contrast to the two names and how they really do describe me in each family.

Carli got me mischief maker and Brook got me goodie two-shoes.

I always said growing up that I didn't have to do much to impress my parents. My brothers were off getting into mischief and I wasn't to the same degree, so I was the good one…trust me, I got into plenty of trouble, but never to the degree of my brothers, so there you have it. Now put that supposed goodie two-shoes in Ian's family and I totally am NOT the good one. I am the one that likes to push everyones buttons. I am the pot stirrer. I am the one always pushing the limits. I am the mischief maker. Mind you, I am the same way with my family, but am seen as the goodie two-shoes.

Perspective. It's an interesting thing, right?

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  1. Ha - I loved reading this about you.

    Perspective is pretty funny. Andy was considered a "good kid" in his family, but compared to me, he was a naughty naughty kid!


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