Happy Weekend

We had Connor's birthday, including class and friend/family party, this week and he had minimum days all week. After going to my sister in law's baby shower Saturday morning, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend...well as relaxing as it can be with three kids around! 

Some random things from this week:

These Obama/Biden meme's have been entertaining me too much. 

An interesting perspective on how social media affects us. Hint, too much of it actually makes us feel more lonely. 

I took the leap and started Christmas shopping, yet haven't gotten Callum a first birthday gift yet. 

Abandoned places fascinate me. I particularly enjoyed the beautiful subway station in New York City on this list

Some good things to think about when the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season gets the best of us. 

We got our family pictures back. Now to go through them and get to making our Christmas cards! 

Have a great weekend! 

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