Halloween 2016

^^ Let's go ahead and start with this picture. Even though it was from right before we went trick or treating, all the kids were looking AND smiling. That is like one major victory. 

^^ He refused to look at me during his school parade. He did the same thing last year. 

^^ With his amazing teacher

^^ A class picture and a frame Connor decorated during his class party

^^ At least Isla would look at me AND smile during her parade! 

^^ I feel like Isla's teachers may never speak with me again for posting this picture, but I love how dressed up they got!

We had a really good and easy halloween this year. Maybe because there wasn't one meltdown and the kids were in bed by 8pm? Who knows, but it was good. It started out with a halloween parade at Connor's school. Connor pretty much refused to look at me the whole time. One mom even said to him, "She gave birth to you, you own it to her to smile at you!" Haha, if only first graders understood that concept! Also, I feel it's worth noting that Connor decided to wear the same costume as last year...just as he chose to wear the same shirt for school pictures again (which will be getting a post of its own).

After Connor's parade, I had a little break before the parade at Isla's school. I seriously loved how dressed up Isla's teachers got. It kind of made my day. The other teachers at the school weren't as dressed up, but these ladies certainly brought it. Unlike her brother, Isla smiled away and looked at me during her parade. It was cute and fun to see all the preschoolers all dressed up.

In the evening, all the kids got redressed up for trick or treating. Callum wore the same costume that both Connor and Isla have worn before (and I of course will be doing a comparison post!) We walked over to a neighbor's house and hung out there and their halloween party before all going trick or treating as a group. After that, Callum was ready for bed. So Callum, Isla and I headed home. Isla handed out candy and was VERY into it...and maybe got a little crazy giving out the candy at times. Then Ian and Connor came home from the party and we got everyone ready for bed. It really was a fun day.

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