Three Kids

I feel like since having Callum, I get asked a lot about life with three kids. I don't think many inquired about one or two. But the leap to three does seem big, daunting in fact. Moms at school will come up and admit they are thinking about a third and ask how it's going. I've had the conversation at birthday parties, at the park, at school pick up. I've even had the conversation with other moms of three...which I feel like the consensus is that third kid is just something special and to definitely do it.

When I was pregnant, people used to always comment about how Isla was going to be the "little mama". Knowing her personality, I knew that wasn't going to be true. In fact, after Callum was born, though she enjoyed him, she wasn't super interested in him. Now days, she manhandles him like crazy. She calls it playing...but when she is practically sitting on the poor kid's head, I don't really consider that playing, and even consider manhandling putting it nicely! But, 11 months in and there has yet to be any fighting between the older two and Callum. Now I am a realist, so I know the fighting will come. But the fighting between Connor and Isla started much younger, so it is nice to not have it happening yet. Of course, I think because he is so much younger no competetion has started yet.

Given how my relationship with each of my brothers has changed so much over the years, I am interested to watch how these three's relationships evolve and change. As the middle child myself, I bounced around as to who I was closer two based on different life circumstances. Sibling relationships are such a complex and interesting thing.

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  1. I would love to join the three kid club! Someday maybe :)


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