And, just like that, Christmas 2016 is over. It always feels like such build up, then "poof" it's gone. 

We spent Christmas eve with Ian's family. We started with church at 2pm, then headed back to their house. His parents worked on dinner and I found myself driving around a tired and cranky Callum...who never went to sleep, but at least wouldn't cry if the car was moving. Him and I got back just before dinner. We ate with a full view of the presents and full stockings. It was pretty much pure torture for Connor and Isla and they (and I...because let's be honest, their torture always ends up becoming my problem!) were happy when dinner was over and it was present time. We all opened presents. Not too soon after, Callum started loosing it. We packed up the car and changed the kids into their pjs before heading out. 

We picked up some Starbucks and drove through a display of Christmas lights. Both Connor and Isla took turns "driving" us...and by this time Callum had woke. I expected him to be enthralled with the lights, but he preferred nursing. After that, we headed home to get the kids in bed and get ready for Christmas day. 

^^ Just before the kids went in to see their presents. Callum was still asleep. 

^^ Connor reaching to the bottom of his stocking to see what wrapping paper (thus what presents) was his.

After presents, we were planning on going to church. But, plans changed...because Connor started throwing up. Thankfully, after a nap, he was completely fine. And Callum woke and got to join in on the fun. Though he looks incredibly adorable on his ride on toy and truly did like it, his favorites were tissue paper and playing with the bottle of gum that came in Ian's stocking.

My parents and brother came over at noon. My dad helped get the turkey in the oven. Then we all opened presents together. The kids spent the afternoon playing...and never changed out of their pjs. Connor especially seemed to enjoy that. We all ate dinner together. Then we started Finding parents and brother left sometime in the middle of the movie. We finished it, then started getting the kids ready for bed. I started reading the kids the first Harry Potter...Connor got me the illustrated version for Christmas.

It was a really, really good day. Probably one of the best Christmas's I can remember. It was just so relaxing, not running from house to house, but being in our own home, letting the kids play with all their toys. Such fun memories were made. I really feel like this is how Christmas is supposed to be.

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