Ballet Open House

^^ She loves it when she gets and audience and makes people laugh with her antics

^^ Whenever the dancers were moving, Callum was fully entertained

^^ Always looking at herself in the mirror

Once a year, Isla's ballet class lets parents come in and watch the class happen. Last year they actually only brought us in to watch them do a dance, but this year they let us watch the whole class. Isla likes to entertain anyway, but the extra audience really helped her "shine". She did start off taking the class serious, but once her goofy side came out, it didn't stop. And she loves the wall covered in mirrors. She watches herself perform and makes funny faces at herself. 

We are still (and probably always will with every activity) taking ballet one year at a time. But she seems to be enjoying it more than last year. And she is even already talking about when she does it the following year. So maybe she has changed her mind and will continue beyond this year. 

Isla's class this year is a really small one. I think that allows it to be a more tight knit group and makes the girls closer. And it helps that one of the girls is also in her preschool class as well. 

Here's a little video clip from her dance in class. You can see her starting to go from serious to silly in it toward the end. 

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