Callum {7 months}

Weight: 18 pounds
Length: 27.5 inches

Likes: his brother and sister, sitting up, Ian's sunglasses, his "car"
Dislikes: peas, teething, night time sleep

I feel like I am getting to the point where I want to say, "Ok, just stop growing for now." This kid is on the cusp of changing so much and will no longer be a baby…whomp, whomp, whomp. Even with a little sadness over that, I am still loving watching Callum grow and change on an almost daily basis. 

A couple weeks ago, I started Callum on solids. I quickly went from feeding him 2 ounces of it to 4. Of course, if it's something he doesn't like, that is pretty much no ounces! So far he has had sweet potatoes, carrots, peas (which he doesn't like at all), apples, pears, bananas and apple-blueberry. With peas, Callum literally doesn't let the spoon in his mouth at all. It's like, come on kid! I even tasted them and they taste like peas to me. Besides purees, I have given him snap peas, carrots and sweet peppers to munch on whole. 

Just last week Callum went from sitting for a couple seconds unaided to doing it for long periods of time…like several minutes if he has a toy in front of him to keep him occupied. Callum also wants to stand whenever someone is holding him and will stand holing onto your hands for minutes. 

Sleep just hasn't been going well for this kid since we moved. I don't really think it's the move. I more think it is the stage he is in. The past several nights, things have been downright awful, but I really do think he is truly teething. He has even been irritable during the day, grabbing at his jaw and constantly chewing on his fingers. So, here's to hoping after a tooth or two pops through, things calm down a bit in the sleep department. 

Callum has started to get a little weary of strangers. He won't smile and looks at me and if I smile, he then smiles at them, but still with reservation. He isn't crying when others hold him, but just seems unsure and reserved at first. 

Some things I want to remember about Callum now. He is aways sticking his tongue out. Like it's always out and he is doing it on purpose just because he can. Every time I set him on his changing table, he instantly grabs for his feet…which makes me laugh because he doesn't do it instantly when I lay him other places. He will grab anyone's hair that gets close enough and he loves grabbing at glasses, though he learned pretty quick not to grab at mine. And he is still such a smily and happy kid. Besides nighttime, when this kid has become so high maintenance, he is so easy going and rolls with the punches during the day. 

And, just in case you wanted to compare, here is Connor's 7 month update and Isla's as well.

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  1. For some reason sometimes it takes me like 3 tries to actually comment on your blog. I'm sure it's user error. Ha.

    But this boy is so so stinking cute! I can't believe he is sitting up already! When did he get big enough for that? This little smile is really the best. We should hang out soon!

    Man, I'm so sorry nighttime is so rough. That is no fun and then can make t hard to function. Please let me know if I can do anything for you!!?


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