Salt Lake City

After two full days of travel, a day in Salt Lake City was just what we needed. Given that the kids really needed downtime outside of the car, running around doing touristy things wasn't an option. Then again, that isn't really us. How we spent the day is really a representation of how we travel. 

Ian researched local coffee roasters and we stopped at one to start our day. Then we headed to Wheeler Historic Farm. I found it online and was excited to see there is a farmers market there on Sunday. While at the coffee shop, the worker was talking to us about our day and said, "Yeah, there is a small farmers market there." So imagine our shock when we get there and not only are the grounds huge, but the farmers market was ginormious. Like at least five times bigger than the one in Modesto. And there was so much fun stuff to look at…and eat. Isla saw the face painting and wanted to do it. While the lady was doing it, I complimented her and she said, "the paint really does all the work." But I am pretty sure paint in my hands wouldn't come out on someone's face like that, so I am going to say she was talented.  Also at the farm had a three story play structure. Ian, Callum and I rested in the shade, while Connor and Isla ran off some energy. 

After we left the farm, we headed downtown to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. It was a super nice children's museum. Like it may top the list for children's museums I have been to. It had a lot of exhibits I had never seen before, was very interactive and super clean. As a plus, it is cheaper to go on Sundays and was practically empty. We spent probably five hours there and you could easily spend all day at it.

We stayed at the children's museum until dinnertime. We stopped at another coffee roaster on our way back to the campground. We made dinner, then the kids enjoyed the campground pool. It was a good down day that really helped the kids get out a bunch of their wiggles before another big day of travel. 

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  1. This looks and sounds so relaxing! I have not been to a farmer's market since we last accidentally wandered into one in the early spring that was hosted inside of a mall.

    1. That's fun that one is in a mall though. I like how creative they are getting and starting to host farmer's markets everywhere.


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