Fourth of July

^^ Enjoying his first sparkler

^^ Watching the fireworks 

We had a nice, low-key fourth of July. My parents took Connor to buy a box of fireworks pretty much the size of him, so we had more than enough fireworks for the evening. We had a bbq and swimming at our house, followed by fireworks. We started them early, before the sun went down…after all, we have three young children. Plus, we had a boatload of fireworks. It took nearly two hours, yes TWO HOURS, to go through all the fireworks. What was really fun was a few of our new neighbors stopped by, introduced themselves and chatted for a bit. 

I was especially proud of Connor this year. He has had some serious fears of fireworks. He started out rather apprehensive and pretty far up the driveway. But, eventually he held a sparkler, then went on to light some fireworks himself. It was the cutest thing watching him light them and run away as quickly as he could. 

As it was Callum's first fourth of July, I wasn't sure how he would respond to the fireworks. He was extremely intrigued. He would stare at them the whole time they went off and his little eyes would blink every time they would make noise. It was really cute and I was happy it went so well. 

It was nice to have the kids already in bed by the time everyone else was revving up their parties. We got to have fun, then have a low-key night. 

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  1. Oh my gosh Jess, these photos are to die for. Your kids just melt my heart!! Especially that little babe of yours! Sounds like a perfect 4th of July also! Can't wait to swim at the new house!!


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