On the Way There

The thing about a road trip is the getting there is half the fun. It's not like a long plane ride that you may wish away. It is out on the open road, seeing new things, taking it all in, enjoying the ride.

Given that our little day trip to the aquarium a week ago didn't go so well, I wasn't having extremely high hopes for our rather long road trip. And given that we only made it an hour before our first bathroom break, the expectations were again very low. Thankfully, it all went up from there. The kids fell into a rhythm. I made sure we had plenty of food on hand. And, I used the website Roadside America to find rather underwhelming and random places to stop along the way.

There was the world's largest polar bear in a rundown casino in Elko, Nevada. Then the huge cowboy in Wendover, Nevada. And the oddly fascinating "hole 'n the wall", a house in a rock, in the middle of nowhere Utah.

Some things I have learned so far in our journey. Other states aren't as populous as California. You can drive for a long, long time without coming across a town. There have been some interesting bathroom stops…thankfully we are pulling a trailer so that helped! All the states we have been in so far have had higher speed limits than California. Can I get a whoop, whoop?!

Honestly, the hardest part of travel has been trying to find whole30 approved things to eat when we are in the middle of nowhere and the only option is McDonalds. Let's just say, I've consumed a lot of larabars this trip!

We spent two nights in Salt Lake City, so that allowed us one day to explore and be out of the car. That really helped. Now we are in Durango, Colorado. I am feeling all sorts of feels, doing things with my kids that I remember doing when I was growing up. It's been a fun trip so far.

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