Whole30 {week 1}

^^ The most decadent tasting Whole30 approved treat.

^^ Curry and caulirice all thanks to Trader Joes (well, the curry sauce and caulirice at least)

^^ My favorite sausages Aidells chicken and apple. I literally can't get enough. 

I feel like at this point, everyone and their mother knows someone that has done Whole30. I decided to do it because I needed something to light the fire under me to help me get back into eating healthy. Because, let's be honest, after an infant, Ian's busy season and a move with three kids, I wasn't eating as healthy as I would like or should…but was doing what I could to survive. So, last Tuesday, Ian and I started Whole30. I thought I would share my observations week by week as I do it.

Because I can choose what to eat (instead of healthy eating plans that choose the food for you), I find myself eating a bunch of things I like.

The first couple days were hard. It took my stomach a couple days to even out and figure out what I was eating and old habits die hard. I never realized how ofter I would just pick things off the kids plates and eat it!

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Making things in huge batches really does help…like a huge thing of meat that can be used for taco boats and taco salad throughout the week.

I HAVE to plan ahead when leaving the house. I can't easily pick up things on the go that are compliant, so eating before or packing in preparation is key.

Coconut milk from a can, whipped a bit, is really good in coffee.

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