A Quick Trip to the Aquarium

^^ I always love how it looks like stingrays are staring at you

^^ Shark stare down. I actually got a series of photos of this going down. It was pretty cool.

We have been focusing so much on our move and fixing up our other house to rent that our summer feels like it's just flown by without us doing much family fun. Instead of falling into the trap of doing more house stuff (that definitely needs to be done) we decided to take a day trip to the aquarium. 

I should mention that this trip started out VERY rocky. Traffic was horrible. Like the worst ever. Add to that a screaming baby and whiny children, I was about ready to just have us turn around and head home. I am so glad we persevered though. We got to the aquarium pretty late, but given that we are members, it doesn't feel necessary to spend all open hours there to get our money's worth. The crazy silver lining is, just about dinnertime, the aquarium cleared out and we practically had the place to ourselves. It was so nice to let the kids have a little freedom to run and not feel like we were going to lose them in a crazy crowd. And they got special attention because of this too. Isla spent about 15 minutes having riveting conversations with the people overseeing the touching area. They even walked her to other areas to see other things. 

Sometimes just getting somewhere with three kids is the hardest part. Then it's all uphill from there. Though I have to admit, the trip there had me questioning our decision to head out on a 2000 mile road trip with the kids in a few days. Thankfully these kids of mine are usually great travelers (or at least good travelers…they are kids after all) and I will just chalk up Saturday to being a bit of an off day or something…whatever I have to say to make myself feel better ;)

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