Connor's New Room

So I get a new house, don't share any photos and the first thing I do share is my kid's room. I know, I know. But, let's be honest for a minute. I always seem to get my kids stuff set up before the rest of the stuff. Plus, there was less to hang on the walls, so not as much drama in his room with the plaster walls! But, the living room is actually pretty much done, so if you are lucky, that will be next. 

The majority of this stuff was in Connor's last room. With the move, we decided to unbunk Connor's bunk beds. You can pretty much not feel the ceiling fan on the bottom bunk and with it being the middle of summer, I thought it would be a good idea to feel the fan. 

My favorite part of the room is the light up "c" letter. It is on it's own timer and goes on for 4 hours each night. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it light up and I love tucking Connor into bed under the glow of it. I know, it's always the simple things in life for me! 

It's funny that I got those curtains for Connor's room when he was a baby. Back then I didn't know he would be into space, I just thought they were cute. And I have certainly gotten my money's worth with them. This is now the third room they've hung in. 

That little door next to Connor's bed is access to a HUGE attic. We didn't have a usable attic before, so haven't put anything in there yet. I have all sorts of big plans to push out the wall of Connor's room and make it bigger for him and Callum to share a room, but I am sure those plans are pretty far down the road…and maybe around a corner or two! 

Several months ago now, I decided to clear pretty much all of Connor's toys out of his room, except for his legos. I also kept all his books in there. I have really liked having it like this. It makes cleaning up his legos, which he plays with all the time, so much easier because they aren't mixed in with a whole bunch of other toys. Plus, now that Callum is getting older, I am implementing a strict only legos in the bedroom policy to try to keep those tiny little buggers out of the grasp of Callum. 

Enough rambling on, here's Connor's room...

Source List:
"C" letter - Target
Solar System Mobile - Pottery Barn Kids
Rug - Ikea (similar)
Curtains - Dwell Studio for Target (no longer available)
"No girls allowed" sign - Hobby Lobby

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  1. Ok these photos are so great. I love his room. It os so perfect for the space loving boy!! I love the neatly hung nasa suits too. These are photos that will be featured in a magazine one day when he is a famous astronaut. Hahaha

  2. I love how subtle the space theme is - a lot of little elements that come together nicely. I still use my old pink NASA wallet from when I was a kid. I think if my purse was stolen, I would miss that the most.

  3. Great makeover! Looks like such a cool kids room.


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