From sweet potatoes to ice cream

We work fast around here, what can I say? 

It started with sweet potatoes less than two weeks ago and now the kid is devouring whole ice cream cones all on his own. So, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. But somehow Callum just knows when people around him are eating delicious food and tries to claw his way to it. My mom did indulge and let him take a couple sucks of ice cream and he seemed in heaven. 

Outside of ice cream though, he has now had sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, pear, apple and apple-blueberry. I have to say he wasn't a fan of the peas at all. He was literally blocking the spoon from coming in his mouth after a couple bites. It's pretty funny given that if he gets something he likes, he gobbles it right up. I even tasted the peas and thought they tasted fine, but to each his own. I also let him suck on sweet peppers, carrots and snap peas. After a while, he manages to actually munch into them with that toothless bite of his, then I take them away. 

It's funny how much you just forget in four years. I really don't remember the specifics of how I fed Isla (of course, thankfully I have a blog to remind me). But I am kind of just taking it as it goes, because, I don't exactly have countless hours anymore to research all the things. 

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