7 Months

Weight: 17 lbs

Crawled backwards
Finds everything he isn't supposed to play with...and plays with it anyway!
Sleeping thru the night (mostly)
Puts everything in his mouth
"Grabs" at things printed on fabric
Cuddles with his "blanket buddy" at night
Reaches out and stops his baby swing by holding the frame
Smiling/responding to people on video chat

New Experiences:
Movies (at the theater)
Different foods (carrots, sweet potato, peas, etc.)
Got a library card

I get so much joy watching Connor discover new things. Watching him follow a bird flying in the sky or staring at a baby that is crying. Grabbing for my cup or cuddling with his "blanket buddy". I feel like he changes so fast. What he liked last week, he doesn't like this week. And what he couldn't do last week, he now does it this week. I feel so fortunate to be around him, watching him grow and change and become his own little person.

I just can't resist a good bath picture!

Connor loves sucking on apple cores

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  1. I love the fact that Connor can stand up (while holding on) in his crib... I wont think about how soon until he starts trying to crawl out!


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