Connor Got His Hair Cut!

Connor got his first haircut on Saturday. He did great during it. And the lady cutting his hair did a great job as well. He sat on Ian's lap. The hair lady was nice and let him play with her comb and stuff. She even had a little hair cutting apron (is that what you call them?) for him to wear. It was so cute. She trimmed his bangs, around his ears and the top. He was very curious when she trimmed his bangs, so we gave him Ian's phone to play with so he would stop grabbing for the scissors.

I had said before hand that I wanted to keep a lock of Connor's hair. Ian thought I was a freak for wanting to do that. Then, after the hair lady did the first cut, she asked me if I wanted it...I was like HA Ian, I am not such a freak after all!

Here are some pics of Connor getting his first haircut:

The first cut

The finished product


  1. Love the daddy, son after pic!

  2. In the last picture Connor's hair really looks red! Cute hair cut!

  3. He looks adorable!

    I totally saved a lock from Landon's first haircut. We haven't ventured out for a professional cut yet - I'm still botching it up at home.

  4. Anna, Ian's hair lady said she cuts babies hair for free until they get older. She also told us to bring him in every few months, so he is used to getting his hair cut. That way he won't be scared of getting it done.


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