A Taste of Summer

Connor got to try his first ice pop this weekend. Given that he is liking cold things in his mouth lately (can we say "bring on the teeth"), I decided to give it a try. He immediately put it in his mouth, but didn't exactly look excited. He just kept pulling it out, looking at it, then putting it back in his mouth. When I took it away from him, he freaked out...obviously he did like it.

I gave him another one today and being the bright child that he is, he managed to get it out of the plastic. I let him play with it another few minutes until he broke it up into pieces. Really, I did this for my own entertainment. It was so slippery that it took all his might to pick it up and then as soon as he would get it to his mouth, it would slip out of his little hand again. It was funny...probably at his expense though!

Checking out his ice pop

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