Why Hello there Nice Day!

After Connor giving us a run for our money a couple days this week, the weekend came and he gave us a reprieve. He seemed in a great mood virtually every waking moment. It was definitely one of those blissful weekends that makes everyone want to be parents!

With some nice weather to be had on Saturday, we took Connor to the park. He even went down the "big kid" slide! Sure, we had to lay him down so he didn't fall, but I am pretty sure he enjoyed himself. He didn't smile while going down the slide, but would be all smiles at the end. Also, he got to go on the swings again. Ian pushed him much higher than I did before. He was laughing like crazy though. It was super cute.

When looking at the pictures, try to not be jealous of how adorable my kid is!

Little dare devil...only holding on with one hand!


  1. These pictures are so cute! I'm so excited to come visit! Less than one month! :)

  2. Jess, come home with Carli! Hey, I loved the pictures!


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