I have decided, it is time for me to sleep like a baby...and I mean that in a good way!

I have trouble sleeping. Chalk it up to being a night owl or whatever you want to call it, but I have trouble getting to sleep at night. It has become the norm for me to be up until at least 2am. And this isn't because I want to be. No. I would much rather be sleeping. But every night seems like torture. I just can't get myself to go to sleep.

Then something occurred to me.

They say that when babies are over tired, it takes them much longer to get to sleep. This is the same with me. Every evening I seem to go thru the same pattern. During the evening (say around 10ish) I get tired. But, I don't go to bed. Instead I stay up. I hang out with Ian or watch tv or something. Then, by the time we are heading to bed, I am wide awake. And so the nightly cycle begins.

I think my problem is staying up too late. I am allowing myself to go past the point of no return. Thus getting no sleep. So I have decided, it is time.

It is time to take the advice they give us parents about our babies...put them to bed before they get tired! So that's it. I need to get to bed before I get to the point of no return, before I cross over to the dark side and am no longer tired.

I mean, honestly, why do I force myself to stay up when I am tired anyway?!? Only problem is, what happens when I get tired at 8pm?



  1. interesting theory. i'm curious to see how it works out.

    love the new header!

    and, I am super impressed you brought connor to the movies. how did it go?

  2. The movie is actually a screening for people with babies under 18 months. It is once a week. They always show a newly released movie and it has to be rated under 12 years...they have different ratings over here. Also, they don't fully turn off the lights, they don't show previews and it isn't as loud.

    Usually halfway thru the movie Connor goes to sleep. They show it at 11am and his nap is usually around then. But, he seems more entertained by the other babies than by the movie!


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