Did you ever notice that we all stretch the truth? We all lie. I was raised with the belief that

the intent to deceive is a lie.

And adults used to love it when I would bring up that they lied to me about something! They would deny it until I stuck that line on them!

I think we all fall into one of two types of liars:

1. Over exaggerator
2. Under exaggerator

Oh well, I guess there are three...there are also people who just lie for the sake of lying. But I am not talking about those people today. I am more dealing with the general public.

As an over exaggerator, you always have problems. In fact, your life is always worse than everyone else's. And, whenever someone is going thru something, you are the person who has to tell a story of something worse that happened to you.

Then there are the under exaggerators. You are the people who act like your life is perfect, when it is really falling apart. Nothing is a big deal. When someone tells you a story, you look at them like they are crazy because since your life is perfect, you have never been thru anything like that before!

My opinion...there are positives and negatives to both types. Its good to over exaggerate for a story. It gets more laughs that way and most people do it. Yet, it isn't cool to always have to top everyone else's stories. That is just plain annoying. As for under exaggerating, when you act like your life is perfect, you are making others just feel even more imperfect. I understand not sharing every detail of your life with perfect strangers, but when someone is hanging their heart out there for you, at least try to act like you can relate!

Anyway, I have discovered that over and under exaggerations take place every freaking second of the day when talking to other parents. You either have perfect babies or they never stop crying. Why can't it be in the middle?!? Why can't we all admit that there are good days and there are bad days? Why can't we encourage a fellow parent when their child is have a bad day rather than trying to 1. top their story or 2. tell them our child is perfect? It doesn't help anyone.

We shouldn't be trying to tear each other down. We should be trying to encourage one another and build each other up. Come on people...

No more exaggerations!!!

Well, unless it is for a good story!


  1. You go girl! And I'm glad that you had parents that taught you the truth about what a lie is.

  2. LOL, I love this Jess ... I often get this dealing with my moms group - don't get me wrong Jonas wasn't perfect but the kid was crazy easy & then came our Reegan, I am constantly being challenged by this child & instead of advice or even sympathy for Pete's sake I get the story toppers & tales of their so called perfect child

  3. OK. I will try not exaggerate, but my kids, especially our daughter IS perfect! Love you girl!


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