35 Weeks

^^ This photo cracks me up because it shows that apparently there are still ab muscles there somewhere...and they obviously work when I laugh

35 weeks. I'm feeling better now than I did like a week ago. I felt so done and so over being pregnant then. I also had my first meltdown over clothing and having nothing to wear. It was awesome. Not. But, if I could get away with leggings and Ian's sweatshirt the rest of my pregnancy, I wouldn't complain. 

The baby completely shifted what side of my body it is on. It had been hanging out on the right, but is now on the left. But, it is head down and that is fantastic news. They haven't mentioned anything about size at any of my appointments, so I have no idea how big the baby may or may not be. My appointments are switching to every other week (well, I guess for just one time, haha!) then weekly for the last two weeks of my pregnancy. I only gained two pounds from my appointment four weeks ago, which I was happy with, as I was certainly piling on the pounds in the beginning. 

I find myself slowing down more and more. I need to sit more often and take breaks. But, even if I am exhausted in the evenings, I have been struggling going to sleep. This is kind of a bummer because I know I need the sleep. Also, I have never gone into any of my labors well rested...they have always started at night, when I had yet to sleep at all. And just the thought of that makes me tired! 

I spent a bunch of time over the kids Christmas break getting the house organized and ready for baby. Of course, most of the organization had nothing to do with baby, but it puts my mind at ease knowing the things are done and I don't have to worry about them later. I have a running list of things I still need to buy or do, but will hopefully accomplish it all before the baby arrives. The one thing I really wanted to do was pull out the car seat and wash it, which I did. I figured it was the only thing Ian wouldn't do should I go into labor early. So, I just wanted it done. Now it sits in our entry, as I am not quite ready to rearrange everyone in the car to get the car seat in. There are a couple more little things I need to pick up, but all of it is for me and that awesome postpartum phase, so I guess I haven't been too excited to buy all that stuff. I also still want to make the mobile for the baby, so need to get around to that. And I want to buy the baby a blanket, but I am going to wait until after it is born because I was definitely liking more gender specific ones. Now, a girl could totally use a boy one, but all the floral ones were so pretty and I am thinking if it's a boy, he wouldn't appreciate the floral. 

I managed to ramble on more than I thought I would. But, here is me, at 35 weeks. Almost done, but feeling like the finish line is also so far away.

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