Family Pictures Through the Years

We have had family photos taken every fall, starting in 2009 when I was pregnant with Connor. These photos are something I cherish. Although I love taking photos of my kids and our adventures, the one thing I struggle with is getting in the actual photos. So it's nice to have a set of family photos done every year where we are all in the frame. It's also pretty much the only day of the year that I force my kids to wear what I say. Otherwise, that's not a fight I think is worth fighting. Anyway, here is a shot from every year leading up to this year. 











Also, a few things about the photos.  The first two years were taken while we were living in Scotland. I am pregnant in three of the years (2009, 2011, 2018) of photos. In 2015, I decided to have our family pictures taken right after Callum was born. Like he was six days old. It was a stupid decision on my part for so many reasons. I did it so I could send out a family photo with him in it. But no one is feeling their finest at six days postpartum. Not to mention, it was freezing outside. And Callum literally screamed through the entire session. There are only pictures of him with his mouth closed because he had to stop to breathe sometimes. Pretty much every year, I walk away from our photo session feeling like we are a circus and there is no way a decent family photo was captured. But, if somehow by magic, there are always good ones. So the yearly family photo tradition will continue on, whether my kids like it or not!

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