Fourth of July

I decided to do some pictures of the kids on the fourth of July and I really liked how they came out. I got so many good ones of the four of them, I really couldn't decide which I liked best. I posted one on instagram of Callum sharing his popsicle with Willa that was really cute too. That didn't last long, but Isla stepped in and let Willa enjoy her popsicle a bit. Willa definitely liked it, but more held it up to her mouth and licked it rather than putting it in her mouth. It made a mess all over her face, but in a fun and cute way...the way only babies can make messes look fun and cute! 

We had a low-key barbecue and swim in our backyard with both mine and Ian's parents. Then we started fireworks around 7pm. Isla took the time to make the official order and list of fireworks. This year Connor was into setting them off, so took over those duties. And in between fireworks would try to set the paper left over from the firework on fire, so it appears we have a little pyro on our hands. 

^^ The firework that Callum picked out at the stand...which was actually really loud and intense. 

My aunt and uncle came and joined us later for fireworks. We finished up just as it was getting totally dark and everyone else was beginning their fireworks...haha! But then, we had the kids in bed at a decent hour and they slept through the loud illegal fireworks going off around us, so that was nice. It was a low-key holiday, just how I like to celebrate them!

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