Willa {5 months}

likes: being worn, nursing, playing with toys - especially ones that make a crunchy noise, her siblings, people giving her attention
dislikes: being hungry, needing to burp

accomplishments: goes up on her hands and toes, crawls/pushes around backwards

Willa just keeps growing and changing. With all the movement she is doing these days, she really enjoys being on the ground. She can manage to inch herself backwards and roll to get around. Her latest thing is going up on her hands and toes at the same time, almost like she is going to do a push up, haha! She does not like it when she works her way under furniture and gets stuck. She is still such a smily baby and smiles at strangers in public all the time. It's fun to watch her keep smiling at someone until they will acknowledge her.

Sizewise, Willa is in 3-6 month clothing, with some larger sizes working too. Though I have bought a couple things in the next size up and just let her wear them oversized so she can wear them longer. Her size 0 saltwater sandals we got at the beginning of summer still work on her. She is solidly in a size 2 diaper. 

Willa hasn't been doing so hot in the sleeping department lately. She seems to be waking more frequently at night just to nurse. She is no longer sleeping swaddled. This just sort of happened. She was crying at bedtime sometimes and I thought maybe it was because she was hot, so I stopped swaddling her. It didn't really affect her going to sleep at night. And I think her not sleeping as well is more just her enjoyment of nursing!

Just in last week before turning five months, Willa had the opportunity to stay in a hotel for the first time, see the Hollywood sign and go to the beach. In fact, she turned five months old while we were staying in Solana Beach near San Diego.

Now that Willa is on the move a bit, she seems to enjoy being on the ground exploring. Especially if there are toys nearby that she can put in her mouth. Or paper. She really likes sucking on paper. She also really enjoys being in her activity center thing. But not much else, as she doesn't like being trapped...she wants to be free to roam.

And just like that, five months with the smiliest, easiest going baby around. It sure is going fast.

For funsies, each of the other kids at five months - Connor, Isla and Callum. Connor and Isla had a lot more hair than Willa at this point and Callum had a bit more. Her hair will grow eventually though, right?

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