Willa {6 months}

weight: 16 pounds, 11 ounces
length: 25.75 inches

likes: being held, her mama, playing with toys, food
dislikes: her mama walking out of the room, being hungry

accomplishments: eating solids, moving ALL OVER, grabs at everything

Willa keeps growing and changing. On the one hand, I love it. On the other, I feel a bit sad. But that's ok, her smile always cheers me up. She is such a social little girl and waits for people to look at her so she can interact with them. 

This past month was a big one. Willa started solids, took a bottle for the first time and started sitting in a high chair. She just about has sitting up down, but still falls over after a few seconds when something distracts her. I just clap really loud and say "yay!" and she smiles instead of crying from face planting it into the floor. She started putting her hands out to people she wants to go to or when she wants to be picked up. And I think is attempting to wave, but isn't really doing it at the same time. 

Willa really enjoys playing with toys. She seems to especially like playing with Callum's cars. Even if she is in a bad mood, she will perk up in order to play with his cars. She also loves to chew on anything she can get her hands on. If outside, that includes leaves. But I also found a discarded cough drop wrapper in her mouth one day and told the kids they need to be careful about stuff on the ground...as I am sure they were the ones that discarded it on the ground. Willa also likes being out at about. Being in her stroller, watching everything going on makes her happy. 

I thought I birthed a unicorn in the sleep department, alas I did not. Though Willa used to sleep amazingly, she no longer does. If she at least stays asleep from bedtime until midnight or later, I am happy, as it allows me to get things done - like the dinner dishes, making the kids school lunches, etc. But more and more she isn't lasting that long. And she seems to be taking longer to get to sleep at night. But, all my kids have been like this, so I sort of expected it and know that one day it will change. 

Willa eats like a champ. She so har has not refused any of the foods we have given her. I have given her big chunks of things like avocado, banana, bell pepper, watermelon, cheese, rice, etc. But I have also fed her traditional baby food as well. And she loves baby mum-mums. She has gotten way better with her hand eye coordination and hand control since she started eating. I am sure it is completely motivated by food! 

Size wise, Willa is in 3-6 month clothing and size 2 diapers, though getting ready to size up to 3. Her little sandals from the beginning of the summer, a size 0, are just about outgrown. She weighed in a pound heaver than Connor at 6 months, and a bit less than what Isla and Callum were. I have put her in a couple 6-12 months outfits and they seem to work on her, just are long. In fact, one of the pants her little thunder thighs completely filled up and I could barely get them on...haha! 

I really can't believe that half a year has gone by in what feels like the blink of an eye. Then again, it really does feel like a while ago that I was holding that tiny little squish of a human in my arms. Oh time, you double edged sword. 

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