Willa's First Soilds

I'm pretty sure I thought long and hard about starting Connor on solids. I got one of those baby food makers and took my job of making him nutritious and delicious combinations very seriously. By the time we got to Callum, I threw table scraps at him and called it good. Then there's Willa. I always aim to start my kids on solids around six months old. And I don't do baby cereal, as research says it's unnecessary and unfortunately full of arsenic. I hadn't thought much about exactly when I would start Willa and what her first food would be. But the other night, sitting at the dinner table, half of an avocado was left and I just decided to go for it. 

Clearly she didn't like it ;) She had a hard time picking it up, so I handed it to her instead. Even then, it kept flying out of her hand. In her mouth, she managed to get a couple big bites, but I think most of it ended up coming back out. Overall, she seemed extremely satisfied with her first experience. Now for the fun to begin! Well, not too much fun until she gets some teeth in. No pizza for this girl yet! 

Willa's first solid food - August 11, 2019

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