A Four Way Comparison

I am sure the people that gifted us this outfit when I was pregnant with Connor never expected it to live on and on...and on and on. Here we are, four kids in, with all four wearing the same outfit. Connor, Isla and Willa are all around the same age, at five and a half months old. They are also all sitting in the same bumbo I originally bought for Connor. Callum is two month younger and laying on the floor. I still think Willa looks most similar to Callum, though she looked more like Isla than I remembered. And Willa was so kind to take one for the team and wear this hot outfit when it was 100* out. The things you do for a sibling comparison photo! Poor Willa still has no hair, whereas the others did.

I have kept almost none of the baby clothes this time around, purging things as soon as Willa grows out of them. But this outfit, it went in a drawer...mostly as a just in case (KIDDING Ian, kidding...so calm yourself down). But I am sure I will get rid of it later, because what would my kids do with it when they are all grown anyway?

Oh my babies! The biggest thing I have learned the more babies I have is how insanely fleeting this time is. I swear Connor's first year lasted several years. And here we are with Willa half a year old in what feels like the blink of an eye. Don't mind me while I go hold my baby tight and cry...

P.S. two of my favorite sibling comparisons that I do are coming up - an 8.5 month comparison, and  the same monkey outfit.

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