Willa, the Crawler

9.3.19 - Willa started crawling

The day before, I was videoing Willa grabbing shadows on the kitchen floor when she crawled forward just a little bit. Then, the next day, September 3rd, she started crawling a couple crawls at a time. And here we are, just a week later and the girl is going anywhere and everywhere she wants. She has yet to attempt the stairs, but I know it's coming soon...cue me bringing out ALL THE BABY GATES. But still, she has found cords to pull, snuck up on my parents dog, found newspaper to eat, discovered she loves to bang on the fireplace screen, thinks hitting at the dvds in the cabinet is fun and loves, I mean LOVES, to chew on shoes sitting out. Yuck! I have to admit, I have been thrown off a couple times now, not finding Willa in the room I left her in. It's a whole new normal. One in which we will need to remember to close the bathroom door and leave all little tiny toy pieces up out of reach. And homework too. Imagine having to tell your teacher your baby sister ate your homework! Haha!

This girl man. She was determined and she went for it. I was hoping she would be lazy, but no such luck.

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