5 Months

Little Man Grimbleby is 5 months old! I have to say, I think the last month has seen the most change for him...

Weight: 15 lbs, 1 oz

Length: 26 inches

Can put his pacifier in his mouth...when he can find it!
Smiles at & tries to touch the "baby" in the mirror
Grabs at hair, necklaces and glasses
Tries to drink out of our glasses
Moves around to grab a toy
"Found" his legs & kicks them like mad in the bath
Tries to grab the phone..then puts it in his mouth
Knows what his bed means and starts crying when we get close to it!

Connor seems to have himself in a routine now-a-days. He gets up around 8am, takes a nap at 10am, another nap at 3-4pm, then goes to bed at 8pm. He is back to sleeping well at night and only gets up once to feed after about 8 or 9 hours. He is starting to entertain himself a lot more with his toys and will lay there and play with them while I get things done. Also, he looks at books when I read them to him and tries to touch (well, slaps) the pages. He is almost rolling over from his back to his stomach. He usually gets at least halfway there (sometimes more), then gives up and goes back to his back. His hands and whatever are in them are always in his mouth, so slobber is starting to go everywhere. He LOVES being out of the house and looking around at new things.

Its fun to watch my little man grow, but I am already feeling that it is happening way too fast!

Daddy fed him chocolate when Mommy wasn't looking

The kid sleeps like a crazy man...he likes having his face pressed up against the side of the crib & the other night we found him "cuddling" with his bumper

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