Spring Fashion Week - Day 7

Aww, we have reached the end. It really has been a fun run watching everyone show off their spring fashion...even if I hardly ever get dressed up! And it was nice meeting new people in the blogging world.

Anyway, the weather was decent today and I was in the mood for a skirt (with pockets of course), so I went for it. And since it is Easter today, the whole family participated in today's photo shoot!

On me:
Sweater: H&M
Skirt: Gap
(I realize you can see my legs and feet, but just imagine...)
Tights: H&M
Boots: Jones Bootmaker

On the husband:
Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Jeans: G Star
Shoes: Converse high tops

And the babes:
Outfit: Mamas & Papas
Shoes: UGGs

Since some of you have noticed I reside in a different country and asked about it, I thought I would give a little background. My husband and I are from California. The opportunity came from his work for us to move to Scotland and we jumped at the opportunity. We thought it would be a great adventure and it has been. We have been over here since the summer of 2007.

And for the nitty-gritty...we moved over on visas, but the husband and Connor now have dual citizenship. I am still on a visa and don't know if I will apply for citizenship or not (strictly due to the costs behind it). We enjoy living over here. We have no idea how much longer we will be here or where our life will take us next. After making a big move like this, it has been extremely freeing and makes us feel much more fluid about life and what happens.


  1. Lovely little family! So jealous that you get to live in Scotland!

  2. What a lovely family!!! And happy easter!

  3. what a sweet family pic. and the baby ugs! So darling.

  4. Aw, thanks for the Scotland story! What a great opportunity you got! I hope it continues to get better and better :)


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