Spring Fashion Week - Day 6

Leaving Connor last night was a success. He happily stayed with our friend's parents and the only hiccup of the night was when the dad sneezed and it freaked Connor out, causing him to cry. Not a shock there, as he does the same thing when Ian sneezes. And, it was very nice for Ian and I to get out for a few hours on our own.

Today, sickness is still around in our house. Little Connor has a temperature and threw up all down Ian this morning...secretly (or now, not so secretly) I was just glad it wasn't me!

So, here is my outfit today:

Scarf: A gift from my mom from her last trip to Cambodia
Shirt: J Crew
Jeans: Citizens
Shoes: UGGs

And a little blurp about me...I am now 7.5 pounds lighter than I was pre-pregnancy. I really don't have an explanation for this as I don't go to the gym anymore (though I do the Wii Fit). I am going to chalk this up to breastfeeding, long walks to keep Connor happy and the general lack of time during the day to feed myself. Apparently the "baby diet" has really worked for me!

And, Mr. Connor...he isn't feeling so hot, so didn't get all dressed up today:

Bear outfit: Carters


  1. that scarf is divine on you

    and I love your baby's crib patterns. very cute

  2. I'm a sucker for ears on baby clothes! Soooooo adorable.

  3. You're wearing two things I have a really hard time pulling off - long sleeves and a white/cream color. I'm jealous!!! You're so adorable!

  4. Gorgeous scarf, love the color on you!

  5. You look adorably comfortable. Sometimes I find that hard to pull off. You have. :) Love the green scarf!

    Hope Connor feels better!


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