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Last night while making dinner, I just had to laugh. My life has changed so much in the past few months that I hardly recognize it anymore.

My life consisted of work, getting home at 10pm and Ian and I eating whatever was in sight and convenient. We tried to eat healthy, but much of the time, didn't have time for it. We were lucky if our house got cleaned on the weekend and the dishes only got done after we ran out of ones to use. Laundry was hit or miss. And, we only got one day a week off together...

My life consists of Connor and the house. Everyday I make a dinner for us, and plan the week in meals out in advance...that way I don't waste food. I try to pick up the house every evening, as it is nice to wake up in the morning to a clean house. And, I generally try to do a "big" cleaning thing every day...vacuum the house, take out all the garbage, clean the kitchen, etc. Also, I do the dishes everyday. AND, I do laundry everyday...of course the probably has something to do with how much laundry a baby goes thru! Every evening, Ian and I get to hang out/play with Connor, then try to force him to go to sleep. And, we get the whole weekend together.

Such a change. And all this change kind of makes me laugh. Yet, I find it nice at the same time. It is a nice feeling to have my son look around for me whenever someone else is holding him...usually he won't take his eyes off of me. It feels good to be able to sit in a clean house and relax with my husband over a cup of tea (yeah, we have become "cool" like that). I enjoy the thought that this weekend my husband has a 4 day our past life we would have never been able to spend that together, as I would have been working. So it is nice...

The slower (well, just different) pace of life is one I could get used to.

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  1. I'm not a mom, but find similar surprising changes since we got married.
    For me this is a life I never expected... and MUCH cooler than I would have imagined.

    Ya for staying "cool" and loving the changes!


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