Spring Fashion Week - Day 5

With today's forecast being void of "ranow" (rain/snow...I made the word up) and a date night scheduled with the hubby (our first in 4 months!), I decided a special outfit was in order. That means, out with the jeans and in with something cute. Oh, and today and Monday are holidays here in Scotland, so the husband gets them off work...that means that today's pictures are brought to you by him, so you will actually see my face and whole body in one picture!

So, here is me today...notice the top half is spring and the bottom half winter...I don't have any "springish" leggings or boots:

Shirt: J-Crew
Dress: H&M
Leggings: F21
Boots: Jones Bootmaker

Also, I would just like to say that dresses and skirts with pockets in them are about my favorite thing in the world. Such a great invention. I just love pockets. It gives me somewhere to put my hands when I am standing and I don't have to feel awkward. Nuff-said.

And, Mr. Connor's outfit:

Onesie: Small Paul
Jeans: Baby Gap
Snow Boots: Old Navy

Mr. Connor has to get his immunizations today...poor guy. I am sure he will take it like a champ.


  1. i love the flowery tunic. very cute. and your son is darling.

  2. The top looks great on you! And good luck on the immunizations...they are never fun:(

  3. Date Night!!! Have so much fun. You look adorable. I love seeing you in pink

  4. That top is so pretty and I love it layered over pink!

    Your son is reallly cute!

  5. In this whole week of "fashion-ing", I never realized you lived in Scotland. How cool! Are you Scottish or did you move there? Maybe I should just read some of your blog :)

    Also, yes, dresses with pockets = phenomenal. Thank you fashion industry.

  6. We are native Californians who have been living in Scotland for almost 3 years. Moved here for the husband's job and an adventure.

  7. Love the whole outfit. The top is beautiful and you look very comfortable :)

  8. You look PERFECT for date night! So flirty and cute. Have fun :)

  9. I like the white top - cute AND versatile! What a good find.

    I feel bad that (like Katie) I've been looking at your blog for five days now and I never bothered to read your profile info. *hangs head* I'm such a bad blogger...

    ...but now that I know, my husband and I want to know where your husband works, and how do we apply? We are both crazy about Scotland - we went there for our honeymoon! Needless to say, I'm quite jealous of you.

  10. i love your dress WITH POCKETS!!! yes, they are amazing!! you look super cute and your baby boy is adorable!


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