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After a week of my "fan base" getting to stare at my "fashion" (jeans and t-shirts), we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. Here is what has been going on in my end of the world lately:

Cloth Diapering:
I decided late one night to switch to cloth diapering. It was something I wanted to do while I was pregnant, but was afraid it would be hard to do with the world's smallest washer at my disposal. But, I decided to go for it. So far, so good...and I love the colorful little bottom it gives Connor!

At the end of the month, we are heading to Europe for 2 our car! We are rather excited about this. Neither Ian or I have ever been on a ferry, so that is exciting. And, we will be at Disneyland Paris on my birthday...and I think that's cool! We will be heading south thru France, over into the top of Italy and back home. I think it is going to make some good memories. Oh yeah, and we are camping!

Easter Weekend:
Ian got a 4 day weekend for Easter...over here Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays. It has been nice for us to just hang out and be a family. Also, on Friday, Ian and I headed out on our first date since November. Connor survived the night without us just fine and we did as well. It was great for us to get some alone time together and it really recharged our batteries. I think we will be doing that more often!

Toy Dyson:
I picked up this toy Dyson for Connor at a charity shop the other day. Never mind that it is twice the size of him...I have faith that he will grow! I got it for 50 pence...after some googling, I discovered that new it costs 20 pounds. That means I saved 97.5%!!! Oh, and when I popped new batteries into the thing, I squeeled with delight at the vacuum noises and the little things that pop around in the cleaning cylinder. I LOVE it!

And just for fun...some adorable pictures of Connor. Try not to be jealous that I have the cutest baby EVER:


  1. jealous of your family vacation. it sound like so much fun - and very adventurous!

  2. Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that my nephew has a Dyson!!!!!!!!!!!


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