Ohmygosh...I'm Getting Old!

I know, I know...it is a fact of life. People get old. We have to mature (otherwise the "cute" things we did when we were young just become obnoxious.) Though, I do figure I have another good many years ahead of me before I truly have to grow up...I figure once I hit 50, I will begin taking responsibility for my actions and learning to plan ahead!

But back to the real reason I am feeling old...

Lately while watching tv, I feel like I keep hearing cuss words. Since when is it okay to cuss on tv? I thought that was illegal or something. Problem is, I have been watching tv shows that are like 5-10 years old. That got me thinking...

TV hasn't changed...I have.

Oh crap! What happened to me?!? I've gotten older. I've had a child. Part of this causes me to notice cussing more than I used to. I guess one can say it is part of growing up (aka: getting older). It really is one of the may ways I realize I have gotten older.

No longer is it "cool" for me to walk around with my bra straps showing (partly because I wear a nursing bra and partly because in hindsight I am not sure if that ever was truly "cool"). Or my stomach for that matter...and that happened before it was ruined thru the miracle of life.

I don't drive as fast as I used to...party because I don't want to hurt myself or others and partly because I don't want my insurance to go up.

I can't go on...all this old stuff is depressing me...maybe it is because my birthday is next week. Maybe it is because I really am oh-so-old. Whatever it is, there is no denying

I am growing up

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  1. Sooo....Jess, how old will you be on your b'day? Yes we remember. It is on our calendar and it reminds us every year. We pray for you at least once a year.

    Next month will be the big 70 for me! None of the others have caused me to blink. But this one...is kind of unbelievable. I have decided to embrace it and continue to enjoy life.

    Have a happy bithday and enjoy your youth and the wisdom you have gained along the way! I don't see you older so much as a bit wiser. Some get old but not a bit wiser. They tend to not live to be really, really old.


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