Callum {5 months}

Weight: 16lbs, 4oz
Length: 26.5 inches

Likes: People smiling at him, being tickled on his feet, anyone giving him attention
Dislikes: Sleeping through the night, being overtired

About a week or so ago, Callum had a huge developmental leap. After rolling over twice about a month ago, he started rolling across the room. In one day. It wasn't "oh I'll start rolling over now." It was "I'll start rolling from belly to back and back to belly all in one go." Of course, he can only do it one direction, so he gets himself stuck and starts screaming his head off for someone to save him. Callum is also working hard core at trying to sit up. He is nowhere close to being able to sit himself up, but when his shirt is off, you can totally see his abs tense up as he tries to do it. Even buckled into things like his car seat and swing, he tries to sit up. And, he has learned the art of arching his back to get out of things…or to keep from being buckled in. With all this movement, diaper changes have become interesting. He instantly tries grabbing for his feet and rolls around. Now I have to hold his hands and feet back when changing poop. 

Callum is also picking up anything and putting it in his mouth. So far, that anything mostly just includes his toys. But, he can now pull his toys so hard on his activity mat that the whole thing comes down at him. I have given up on all pacifiers except for his wubbanub pacifier because he seems like he gets just as much enjoyment out of gnawing on the attached animal as he does out of sucking on the pacifier. So, it kind of serves two purposes. 

Callum is now fully in 6-12 months clothing. I tried putting a 3-6 month onesie on him last week that I thought was more generous in sizing and I literally had to stretch as hard as I could to get it buttoned. Even his 6-9 month footed jammies fit and will probably be left behind pretty soon. But, it's all because of length, as this kid doesn't have much of anything in the way of chub. As soon as we are out of size 2 diapers, which should be in the next day or so, we are moving up to size 3. I forget how fast all these changes happen! All the changes in clothing and diaper sizes just makes it seem like the baby stage is going at lightning speed. 

Sleepwise, Callum generally takes two good naps for me and two cat naps. But his afternoon nap can last up to three hours and is generally taken in his swing. At night, he still wakes every couple hours to eat. And thankfully, when he wakes to eat, its just to eat and not to party. 

The other day, when I was leaving the house with Callum on my hip, headed out to do the school run, I felt overwhelmed with thankfulness. Not knowing if I would ever experience the joy (and exhaustion) that having a baby brings, I am so extremely thankful for this smiley little boy of mine. 

And just for fun, a 5 month old Connor and 5 month old Isla. I must say, all my babies looked quite similar…which is funny given that the older two each have their own distinct look now.

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  1. He's so precious!!! Sad that they can't be babies forever 😁!!


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