Isla, the Insect Lover

One thing I seem to notice in my kids is ways they are like me…things I did (or still do) as a kid, both good and bad. Things I enjoyed. Ways I played. All of it. 

Isla is a lover of practically all living things and I was totally all about little crawly things growing up. Her love of snails is one I showed her, as I still make sure not to step on them when I am walking. A couple weeks ago, I helped deal with the aftermath of the accidental death of her snail Zoo. Even now, she brings him up and wonders how he is doing in heaven. Mind you, she played with him for all of 10 minutes before his accidental killing. Then there was the rolly polly that was dropped, causing hysterics and me, on the ground looking for said rolly polly. It never was found. Then there are the worms in the backyard. And the random ladybugs we spot. Every creature must have a home built for it. And usually there is pleading for me to allow it in the house…but I've learned my lesson with that one. 

I loved snails growing up, and rolly pollies…and many other things like that. Even now, it's easy for me to get down and dirty in the dirt with the kids, playing with the insects. They are fascinating little creatures. 

All this to say, I not only love Isla's heart for all these little creatures. But I also love how she isn't afraid to get all up close and personal with them. And I love how she is literally entertained by the little things in life. 

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