A Preschool Mother's Day Tea Party

^^ Isla and her preschool besties. They have been together for two years now and the three of them constantly play. Next year they will all be at different places (though Isla will still be at preschool). It feels a bit like the end of an era. 

Isla's preschool mother's day tea party was on Friday. These tea parties have literally been a highlight for me the past couple years. The teachers do an amazing job pampering the moms and I love being able to focus on just one of my children at a time, so it's totally my cup of tea…see what I did there? Yeah, total lame dad joke. Anyway. After wrangling babysitting for my two boys, off to the tea I went. 

Isla wanted me to wear my wedding dress. After I informed her I wouldn't be able to drive in such a poof ball, she chose my yellow dress. Even though she wouldn't wear the outfit I wanted her to wear, I still obliged and wore what she wanted. 

The kids did a couple songs for the moms. Then we sat down for our tea. We each got a leather "mom" cuff that the kids made. During the tea, Isla wanted to sit on my lap and proceeded to rock back and forth. I finally understand what people meant when I was a kid about my boney butt! Not the most comfortable thing ever. 

We ate and hung out. Then, when Isla started getting restless, we hit the road. It was pouring down rain, so we actually held hands and made a run for it to the car (I don't really believe in using an umbrella). I kind of didn't notice a big puddle, so we did get soaked. But I have to admit, that dash in the rain with my little girl was a highlight for me…then again, I do love the rain. 

I love how thoughtful teachers are about mothers day, even when they don't have to be. Even Connor brought home a gift for me (a clay bell he made) and a hysterical survey about me that would make it appear that I take loads of naps (I wish) and apparently my talent is feeding Callum (which it kind of is…hahaha!)

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