Three Kids

Most of the time, I feel like "I've got this." Then there are the times that I am nursing Callum and one of the other kids needs something and I am stuck trying to convince them to, say, wipe their own butt or wait 20 minutes until Callum is done. Or when I leave Callum crying in the other room so I can quickly read a bed time story and pray with one of the big kids. I forget how much attention babies demand RIGHT NOW. So, I find myself tending to the one that is screaming the loudest, which is generally Callum, while hoping the other two survive…and feeling a fair bit of mom guilt over it.

Thankfully I am pretty good at juggling all three kids because I am a bit of a planner and can usually work even the most mundane of details into my day's schedule. But, it really does suck when it feels like all three kids need me at the same moment and there is only so much of me to go around. I remember this with Isla as well, but I find making sure I carve out alone time with each of the older kids every day really does make a difference on all our attitudes. A little lego playing or story reading really does go a long way.

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