Callum Got Shoes

Somehow I made it this far in my parenting journey without ever having a baby get their feet measured. This past week, my mother in law and I took the kids to get new shoes. I wasn't planning on Callum getting any. After all, he doesn't walk and they are overpriced anyway. Then I sat there in the store, staring at the adorable pint sized sandals and I totally caved. So, I asked the shoe lady to measure Callum's feet…of course, at the same time I asked how one measures baby feet. I am pretty sure the lady thought I was crazy. But, I certainly can't be the only person on the planet that didn't know they use the exact same metal shoe measurer for everyone…please tell me I am not the only one! Someone? Anyone? Moving on.

They put Callum's tiny little foot up to the shoe measurer and determined that a size 2 should give him more than enough growing room to get him through the summer. Then I made the hard choice of what color…I went with navy. I figure it not only is a good boy color, but it's also a good neutral color. And, I must have been right because I have put them on his feet pretty much every day since.

I feel like I should mention that my other kids have had their feet measured many times, just not as babies. They were already walking when I had that done. So, I guess I thought for sure there must be a special little measuring device for babies. Obviously I was wrong.

Now I am questioning everything I thought I once knew in life. I mean, if I didn't know how they measured babies feet, what else am I missing out on?!

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  1. Crazy!! I've never actually thought about how baby feet are measured but I wouldn't have guessed that its the same as us!! Those pictures are hella cute and I'm in love with Callums outfit he's such a cutie and I really like those sandals 😉💖


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