Willa {11 months}

accomplishments: says "hi" and waves, cruising, third tooth came in

This past month was a big one for you. You celebrated your first Christmas where, even though you didn't know what was going on, you really enjoyed playing with all the wrapping paper and bows. You also did a great job eating all the Christmas dinner fixings. Your third tooth finally came in...we all lost a lot of sleep over that one. And you started cruising just a few days ago. You are definitely on the move.

Your sleep went pretty dicy this past month. I think it was all because of that third tooth. There were a few nights where you literally didn't sleep. It was bad. But we made it through. Of course, tooth number four isn't far behind! You seem to be down to two naps a day. Sometimes even only one, then bedtime comes a little early for you. When you really fight that second nap, I will put you in the carrier on my back and you will generally go to sleep. Of course, this means I can't sit down, as you are on my back. But, it does allow me to get a lot done. Even if you don't fall asleep, you are content in the carrier. You really just enjoy being held. 

Size wise, you are starting to grow out of some 6-12 month stuff in length. I actually think you have thinned out, probably because of this extra length. A month or so ago, I thought I was going to need to size you up in diapers, but now size 3 fit great again, so you are still in them. Again, I think it's because of you lengthening out. 

You have not met a food you did not enjoy. And you have really upped your food consumption lately. Like but a LOT. You are getting three meals a day, plus some snacks. And you are still nursing on top of that. I still nurse you on demand, but I would say you probably nurse 4-5 times a day, plus at night. When you are done eating, you just start throwing your food off your highchair and this seems to bring you a lot of joy. Also, if we are somewhere with a dog, you are happy to feed the dog some of your food of your highchair too. 

You really seem to enjoy the freedom that crawling has brought and like to wander the house. You particularly enjoy any cabinet you can open and empty out, as well as any toy the kids don't want you to go for. You seem to have radar for nerf bullets and shopkins left out. Also, anytime anyone leaves food out, you will grab it and make a mess eating it. I'm looking at you bowl of cereal that ended up on her head! 

I can't believe your birthday is around the corner. But watching you grow really is fun. 

I just laughed looking back at the other kids at 11 months. Apparently both Connor and Isla had 7 teeth already! Callum had four. I'm noting a trend here. Willa has less teeth and less hair than the others at the same age...haha!

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