11 Months

Weight: 20 lbs, 3 oz

held the phone up to his ear
standing not holding on to anything
7 teeth

It feels like every month (or really, everyday) I find myself saying or thinking, IT GOES BY SO FREAKING FAST! Not so long ago, I held a baby in my arms who didn't do much besides eating, sleeping and pooping. Little by little, he has begun to learn. And each step along the way, I have gotten more and more excited about the person he has become.

I find myself spending countless hours clapping just to see him clap, putting him in the window to watch him get excited when he sees Ian coming home from work. Getting joy out of watching him bang on the toilet cover. All of it brings me great joy.

I love listening to Connor babble. He does it in the car, while we are walking, at home, everywhere. And I think he is actually starting to understand the difference between "mama" and "dada". At least, I notice him using them correctly when one or the other of us is playing or holding him. And I must say, it is a nice change from hearing "dada" all the time! Sorry Ian.

After having a set back last month with his weight, Connor is back on track for the 25th percentile. Unfortunately, when I used to hear the doctor positively say that he will "grow out" of his reflux, they were definitely less than optimistic when I went in last week. But I am optimistic about how happy Connor is, even if my carpeting is covered in stains! And I also know that whether medical intervention is required or not, things will work out and my boy will be (and is) healthy.

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