Shopping for Food

Whenever I hear people talking about grocery shopping once a month (I have even heard of doing it only twice a year), I scratch my head. I want to ask questions, but am generally afraid my questions will turn into some sort of rude questoments (question/comments) on my part. So, I don't ask.

You see, my pantry is practically bare. In fact, we don't even have a pantry. We have one cupboard next to the refrigerator used to food. We have another one used for spices. And we have Connor's pre-made baby fruit (I make everything but the ground up fruit) sitting on the counter.

My refrigerator is full. And then it spills out onto the counter tops with my produce. I make a meal plan for a week at a time and do the shopping. So, at the beginning of the week, we have lots of food and by the end, practically nothing.

Because of the amount of fresh food in our house, I question how someone can shop for a month. What exactly are you buying that doesn't go bad? Or, do we eat weird? I do know we eat way more veg than most. We've ran into people we know at the grocery store who always seem to make comments about our cart of food.

This doesn't mean we don't have pantry staples, because we do. Open my pantry any day and you are likely to find

canned sweet corn
canned chopped tomatoes
granola bars of some sort

But I can't think of any meals I make without some sort of fresh product in it. And my real question is for people who shop less and buy more, do you do this because you save money? And how are you saving money? Because you buy in bulk? Please, someone explain this to me!


  1. I dont understand the shopping once a month because I go atleast once a week if not twice (that's because I forget things and I don't plan ahead). I guess if you only eat freezer food you could go once a month.

  2. I shop once a week and during the summer/early Fall 3x (hitting 2 farmers markets in addition to the grocery).
    BUT, I also stock up. When I stock up, I freeze a lot of stuff and also buy some processed stuff that won't spoil when it's on sale & I have coupons.

    Perhaps that's how 1x/month shoppers survive?

    p.s. I LOVE your term "questoments". I totally "ask" those too...


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