Connor Fun

I thought you would like to see something that makes you smile today. This is a little video of me showing Connor his picture on my phone and him laughing at that I say it, I realize this may be something only a mother finds cute!

In other Connor news, he seems to have a love/hate relationship with other kids. When at the movies yesterday (a mom & baby screening) we were sitting by a mom with a 15 month old. I thought Connor would have so much fun playing with her. Nope. She wanted to play with him so bad and he just completely ignored her...well, except when he used her to stand himself up or poke her in the eyes! And today I watched my friend's 2 1/2 year old. Connor was so excited to play with her and she would scream and cry when he got close! Everything she was playing with, he wanted to play with. It was drama!


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